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Bushido Aikido’s Asi has developed a unique understanding and style of Aikido practice and teaching dedicated to combining spiritual awareness with practical practice and encouraging the student to self-excellence.

Beginner Program

$ 125 / First Month
  • Monthly Membership Fee
  • Training Gi (Karate Style Uniform)
  • Registration Fee

Regular Classes

$ 50 / Monthly
  • Registration Fee $100
  • Monthly Dues $50
  • Mat Fee $20

First Responders

$ 45 / Monthly
  • Monthly Membership Fee $45
  • Registration Fee $100
  • Mat Fee $20

Dojo Membership

Receive only the best instruction!

The Sensei (Teacher) will be available to answer your questions and make sure you have the information and experience you need to decide if Aikido training is right for you.

Dojo Reviews

What Our Students Are Saying

We love our clients, and the feedback they provide helps us to continuously improve and offer the best instruction possible.

JS Accountant

I was fairly new to Aikido when I found Bushido. I was really impressed with the dojo. It is a modern training facility, but it has the feel of a traditional Aikido dojo. The instructors are highly skilled and dedicated to sharing their knowledge with the students. Their style of Aikido is practical yet remains true to the teachings of the founder. I felt at home after the first class at Bushido.

John IT Director

Bushido Aikidojo is a great place to train. I have been training for years and this is the best dojo I have found yet. The dojo itself is the nicest one in Central Florida. The personalized attention I have received from the Sensei and the other black belts has made me a much better Aikido practitioner. I highly recommend stopping by for a class. You will really see the difference.

Aikido Guy 70 Teacher

This is a great place to learn Aikido. I always wanted to learn Aikido but never found the time. I finally decided to give it a try and I am glad I did. Even though I am an older student, Bushido is the right place for me. The instructors are very patient and thorough. They always make sure that the students are doing the techniques safely. The Sensei is awesome. He has practiced Aikido in many different cultures for many years. He is a very good teacher of all aspects of Aikido. I plan on practicing Aikido here for many years!