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Three Levels of Aikido Awareness.

Throughout my years of practice and development in Aikido I came to realize that effective practice is a result of cultivating three levels of awareness that constantly interact and relate to each other.

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The Art of Peace

This is a highly spiritual book that contains a collection of 113 teaching Gems taught by the founder of Aikido, Ueshiba Morihei “O-Sensei” (great teacher; 1883-1969) throughout his teaching career.

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Koichi Tohei

Aikido Principles by Sensei Koichi Tohei

Tohei Sensei was one of the most significant and promising figures in Aikido’s history. He founded the “Ki style” stream of Aikido practice and was one of a few followers of the founder who earned the 10th DAN!

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What is “Ki”

“Ki” energy (Chi “Qi”) is a fundamental concept in many traditional Asian martial arts, philosophy and traditional medicine.

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