Self-Confidence, Awareness, and Inner Strength

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Be confident enough to accept your failure.

We are an independent Dojo located in Apopka, Florida, founded in 2022 and headed by Chief Instructor, Asi Shnabel (4th-degree black belt). We are affiliated with the IIMAA (International Independent Martial Artists Association).

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Dean Abernathy

Aikido is a personal journey for each individual, but at the same time you become part of a large aikido deshi family. The Aikido family is not as large as other martial arts which makes the journey much more unique. I hope you decide to join our aikido family.
-Dōmo Arigatōgozaimasu

Dean Abernathy

Aikido Defined.

Aikido can be very effective in self-defense situations if practiced correctly since it is based on actual and proven martial techniques, but it’s ultimate goal is to perfect our bodies, minds and health as we grow better. Aikido being a skill of subduing or neutralizing aggression without causing damage is very peaceful in its nature and enjoyable to practice. Aikido does not require strong attributes or physical strength so can well suite individuals with lesser physical strength of all types. To understand the secret power of Aikido one must understand the concept of “Ki” and utilize it appropriately. This is possible throughout the course of practice.


What is Aikido?

Aikido is a modern Japanese martial art, evolved of older forms of martial arts, mainly “Aikijujitsu”, into a form of disciplined practice for self-improvement and growth. Aikido translate from Japanese language as: “Ai” means harmony, “Ki” means energy or life-force, and “Do” means way: The way of harmony/unification with the cosmic life-force (or breath of life). More about that mystic concept of “Ki” (Chi “Qi”) will be given in the next part. So Aikido takes control by blending in harmony with any challenge rather than struggling against it.


Our Values

Self-Confidence, Awareness, and Inner Strength


Asi Shnabel 4th Dan

Asi holds a 4th-degree black belt (“Yondan”) in Aikido and is recognized by both the world Aikikai Organization and IIMAA. Asi obtains over 35 years of practice in martial arts, including 8 years of KARATE (traditional Okinawan styles) and most years in Aikido.

Asi has developed a unique understanding and style of Aikido practice and teaching dedicated to combining spiritual awareness with practical practice and encouraging the student to self-excellence.

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Years Practice

Asi Shnabel

Practice Schedule

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We invite you to try a class before you join the dojo. In your free trial class you will meet other students, see Aikido in action, and learn a few basic moves. The Sensei (Teacher) will be available to answer your questions and make sure you have the information and experience you need to decide if Aikido training is right for you.
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Regular Classes

$ 75 / Monthly Membership
  • Mat Fee $20
  • Training Gi (Karate Style Uniform) $35
  • Training Gi (Judo Style Uniform) $75
  • Registration Fee $100
  • First Responders (Monthly) $65

Starter Program

$ 49 / Month
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Premium Program

$ 149 / Month
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2014 Votaw Rd., Apopka, FL. 32703

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